Thursday, 10 July 2008

Injured - again!

Just as I am getting over my shoulder injury, I seem to have acquired a grade 1 or possibly 2, A2 pulley tear on my left hand ring finger, argh….

I’ve had minor pain for about a month now and ignoring it isn’t working. In fact I just made it a bit worse last night while climbing indoors - time to rest it and consult the literature.

There are lots of good websites out there on finger injuries, such as:
finger injury treatment videocast

The good news is that it should heal enough to allow climbing in about 1-2 weeks. I was planning on resting it while is it still inflamed and using ice to keep the swelling down. Then I’ll be moving on to Dave MacLeod’s cold treatment as seen in his videocast.

Well, I guess I need to work on my sloper technique anyway….

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