Sunday, 7 December 2008


A lot of this blog is taken up with posts about not climbing on account of injury, bad weather or most recently due to a hectic schedule. Generally this has quite a negative impact on my climbing.

Oddly enough, after my most recent break, I don’t seem to be a million miles away from where I left off. I’ve been away from regular training for well over two months now, but I might even go so far as to say that the break was slightly beneficial.

Here is a (somewhat boring) video of me at The Arch this weekend.

The V5 took one session to do and the V6 two; not too bad. I also ticked another V5 that took two sessions, but popped a pad on my finger, so no video for that one.

I like the initial heel hook move on the V6 and it seems to suit me. The wild dyno at the top and subsequent awkward hand matching isn’t the regular flowing sequence. It just works for me.

I haven’t been outside in ages though and that it really depressing.

I did however manage to get some mountain biking in at Swinley forest on Sunday. Cool crisp air and frosted earth. It’s not bouldering, but it’s not a million miles away either.


Ian said...

I like the videos. You should go back to putting them on the Arch group ( I only stumbled across this blog by accident )

Jenn said...

Cheers for the comments – ugh, I’ve been in exam hell, so sorry that I didn’t respond sooner.

I was thinking of posting the video on the Arch’s website, but I thought the lighting made it come out a bit rubbish… will do so though – as long as people don’t laugh ;-)