Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Things I Learned Whilst Being Injured

1. I have not yet accomplished what I set out to do
2. Nor indeed, do I ever think I will feel that way
3. Try to get the most out of every climbing opportunity; it might be your last for a very long time
4. If it hurts, you shouldn’t necessarily pull harder
5. Physios cost a lot, but time off costs even more
6. Just because you’re strong, doesn’t mean you are invincible
7. I never thought I would be so happy to see a bad weather forecast
8. It’s amazing how much free time I have when I’m not training
9. It’s amazing how boring free time is…
10. The BMC should have a fund which supplies climbers returning from injury with free t-shirts that read ‘I’m not really this rubbish – I’m injured’
11. Support groups work – if for no other reason, they make you realise that it could be worse
12. Powerballs are addictive and in the interest of preventing tendonitis of epic proportions should be illegal (no, I still haven’t broke 10,000 RPMs, grr!)
13. Climbing is probably not the best medium for avoiding real life
14. But I definitely miss it
15. It takes a lot more than a few misbehaving tendons to injure your belief

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