Tuesday, 25 March 2008


After nearly two months of inactivity, I decided that I had enough of being injured. Last Saturday I went for a bimble at the Castle to no ill effects. I was mostly trying to rely on footwork (a very foreign concept for me) and use my injured arm as little as possible. I was successful in climbing problems up to UK 4c with one arm tied behind my back, literally. I then climbed a few UK 5b’s with minimal use of the injured arm.

The game plan for today was to head to Cratcliffe, in the Southern Peak District with the aim of seeking out a few easy grit slabs. I soon ended up on Razor Roof. Best-laid plans of mice and men…

I did this Font 6b problem last summer and decided to give it another go as the day was getting on and yes, all of those easy slabs beat me (not that I’m bitter). It’s a rather poor video and done in a rather poor style. The full on dyno hurt to even contemplate and I learnt my lesson about doing mantle top-outs minus a functioning rotator cuff earlier in the day.

If you’re bored, click.

It was nice to climb on rock again.


Peter said...

Not bad for someone with a rotator cuff impingement. I thought, my direct (if belly-flop) top-out was superior, but then I'm not very photogenic :-p

Anonymous said...

Naughty naughty you, what would your phsyio say :p

Seriously - hope you warmed up fully. I hear 20 star jumps (the arms part, the leg part obviously won't warm up the shoulders) are a good start.


Peter said...

Does getting really frustrated with watching me fail Font 4's count as a proper warm up?

Jenn said...

Eek - 20 star jumps sounds like a lot of work :-) Yes, I do agree though. I spent ages falling off of Font 5 slabs. Off to the physio again tonight. Hopefully he won't yell at me too much.