Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Joining the bandwagon

Jenn emerging from the cave on Sunburst Seahorse at the Happy BouldersHi there,

Seeing as blogging is more socially acceptable than talking to yourself, despite the former bearing much resemblance to the latter, I decided that I would join the bandwagon given my predilection for 'thinking out loud' ;-)

Currently, I spend most of my time climbing, training for climbing, thinking about climbing, getting upset when I can't go climbing and so on, therefore you can expect to hear a lot about that. I plan to keep this blog as an addendum to my main training logs, but instead of repeating how many 6 second hangs I completed, I want to examine my motivations and other stuff, which I feel plays a huge part in my overall performance.

I also wanted some space to act as a sounding board for more general stuff, but who knows where this will go. I used to write quite often both for University and just for myself. Hopefully this will prove to be a way back into writing and remembering. I have a habit of forgetting everything. Maybe by blogging I can get a few more things to stick.

Now, where was I...


Peter said...

Congratulations on opening this blog and I look forward to reading new content.

Jenn said...

Cheers :-)

Maya Alexander said...

Amazing. I really appreciate your courage.
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