Monday, 4 August 2008

Injury Tally

1. Two marginally impinged supraspinatus muscles
2. One grade 1 or possibly 2, A2 pulley tear on my left hand ring finger
3. One ripped pad on my right hand ring finger
4. One sprained ankle
5. Cuts, scrapes and bruises, passim
6. Three missing toenails

Last week in an attempt to enjoy the fleeting summer weather I went back to Harrisons for a bit of bouldering. I got half way up an arĂȘte and decided to down climb it as I realised that I was miles away from my mat and lacking a spotter meant that I had to move it myself.

It was a beautiful summer’s day, but a bit on the hot side and I ended up sliding out of one of the holds and landed awkwardly on the eroded, uneven ground and sprained my left ankle. This of course brings the serious injury tally up to three now. The rest are just minor annoyances.

It does cause me to question – am I just trying too hard. Could be, but equally would I be happy doing anything else – nope. We strive for things that are bigger than us rarely reaching our goals and failing often, but it is what keeps us going, it’s what makes who we are. I’m not about to let a sore shoulder and a sprained ankle get in my way.

At any rate, the ankle isn’t that bad and I expect it to be back to normal function by the end of the week. My shoulders are OK as long as I avoid rocky singletrack and even the finger injury is healing nicely.


Peter said...

"even the finger injury is healing nicely" - so long as you avoid dynoing the end of that rather reachy red V4!!!

Anonymous said...

oh good luck! hope the finger heals quickly and without too many days off.
I sprained my ankle quite badly decking out a couple of years ago. It told me to slow down, so I did for a bit! then jumped right in again. Hope it doesn't take too long!

Chris Edwards said...

Not another injury Jenn!
I really like your attitude though! You go girl! Don't lose the focus and keep your head'll be okay soon!
Plus you don't need legs! You can just campus! ;0)
Get better soon!

Jenn said...

Cheers for the thoughts guys :o)

Hope you are OK now Kate!

Argh – I fell off my bike tonight and now have a slash mark on the back of my thigh to add to the list, lol. I’m a walking accident at the moment!

On the positive side, the ankle and finger are doing much better.